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Arrive in Kuala Lumpur on our way home to Australia

Last 3 nights in Traders Hotel and boarded Air Asia

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We arrived in Kuala Lumpur on the last leg of Tom & Ethan's Excellent Adventure. Everything went smoothly. We had dinner on the plane but by the time we got to KL we were hungry again so we had a meal at the airport. We took a bus and mini bus from the LCCT airport to our hotel and arrived about 9:30 pm. We were all pretty tired so we took showers and went to bed after looking around the hotel. We are on the 25th floor of the hotel and we get to go to the Traders Club for breakfast, afternoon tea and cocktails in the evening. We are also able to have free drinks all day. It is very cool.

The next day we went out and explored Kuala Lumpur. We took the monorail which isn't anywhere as good as the one in Bangkok and we walked around the golden triangle which is where all the shops and big hotels are in the city. Kuala Lumpur is a very beautiful modern city very much like the ones in Australia. We also checked how to get our tickets for Protonas Twin Towers. They told us we had to get tickets the next day and we needed to go early in the morning and line up as they only give out tickets to 1700 people per day and it is always booked out. We left early and stood in line for about 45 minutes to get our tickets. We were able to go up the top of the towers at 2pm today so we were really happy. It was awsome something everyone should do if they like looking out over the city. It was a clear day so we were able to see all around KL. Poppy said, "he actually liked the towers better from the outside as they look so impressive." We had afternoon tea when we came back and then we went to the business centre in the hotel and played on the computers. After that we went for cocktails. There is so many different types of food to eat and they gave us mocktails which were very yummy.

Today is our last day in Kuala Lumpur. We fly to the Gold Coast at 9:40pm tonight. Poppy extended our time at the hotel so we were able to stay in our room until 6pm. It's good as we didn't have to hang around outside in the heat. We had a good breakfast and afternoon tea and we really are happy we are spending the last few days of our holiday in this hotel as we have been able to relax and recharge our batteries for the long trip home. We are both looking forward to going home and seeing our mum, dad and brothers. Last meal of the day was Cocktails in the Traders Club lounge just before we were taken to LCCT airport by our driver. While we were driving he pointed out where the Grand Pre is going to race this weekend and also a beautiful Mosque near the airport.

We arrived at the airport checked in our bags and went through security. Everything went well. The plane was on time so we boarded and enjoyed the comfort pack and kids meal nanny and poppy got for us. We settled down and had a bit of a sleep. The flight wasn't to bad considering the plane was full. The time actually went by quite quickly. When we arrived in Australia we had to go through customs. We declared the wood we had bought in Bali and unfortunately we couldn't keep two of the items. They still had the bark on the wood and we can only bring them in if we pay $30 each to get them disinfected so we decided to let customs have them. We will remember if we go to Bali again that we will not buy any wood with bark on it.

Ethan's dad met us at the Gold Coast airport and we drove to Pottsville NSW. Ethan was very happy to see his dad and brother Sully again. His mum was at work but she was going to see him later. Nanny and Poppy drove 3 hours back to the Sunshine Coast with Tom. He was very happy to see his dad, mum and brother Angus again. They all missed us very much and they were very happy we were home safe and sound.

Back to school tomorrow and footy game on the weekend. Nanny and Poppy said, "That in a couple of weeks it will be like we have never been away." We said, "It was a great holiday and one we hope we will never forget"!!

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Last days in Bali

Last of holiday in Legian, Bali

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We arrived at our hotel in Legian today, dropped off our bags and then went straight to the Waterbom Park for the second time for some awesome fun. It was was so good sliding down all the slides and swimming in the pools again. This time we also went on the bungy cord tramp. We did some cool tricks on it, like turning front and back somersaults. We were a bit sore afterwards but it was heaps of fun.

After spending the whole day at the Waterbom Park we took a taxi back to our hotel and settled into our room. It was much bigger than our last hotel room in Ubud so we liked it a lot. They also had a pretty good pool to swim in. Our hotel is located just down from the beach and right in the middle of everything. We are happy to be back where there are lots of people and shops as it seems more exciting. We had room service for dinner because we were so tired and it was the best food.

Today is Ethan's birthday. He turned 11 years old and told nanny and poppy he wanted to go to a shopping mall. So we got a taxi and went to a big shopping mall in Bali to spend the day. Nanny said Ethan needed some western relief because we have been traveling for so long. We had a great lunch and a birthday cake for desert. Ethan tried to find something for his birthday but couldn't. It was ok though because nanny and poppy had gotten him a docking station for his ipod and it was waiting for him at home. While we were talking to Ethan's dad on skype he opened up the present nanny and poppy had gotten for him back in Australia. Ethan's dad told him he has to wait until we gets back to Australia to open the rest of his presents. Tom got some skate shoes for himself and his brother so he was pretty happy about that.

Today we had to do school work all morning. Nanny didn't want us to fall behind so we tried to finish what we had left to do. Ethan got all his work done and Tom only needed to do somemore spelling. So she was very happy with us. After that we went out and walked around town and found a nice place to have lunch. We decided we just wanted to have a quiet day, relaxing around the pool and playing with our ipods because we are leaving Bali tomorrow. Tonight we ate dinner in the hotel restaurant. It was so good. We all had barbecue pork spareribs. It is our favourite dinner and it was awsome. It was a great way to celebrate our last night in Bali.

Today is our last day in Bali. We got up and packed our bags but our plane didn't leave until 5pm. We checked out and then went and had a pedicure and foot massage while we waited to go. They did such a great job and it felt so good. We all said we wished we had one everyday. We really like Bali and we are sad to leave but we are looking forward to our next journey to Kuala Lumpur, Maylasia.

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Eco Bike Tour, Ubud

Visiting volcano, lake, rice terraces, coffee farm and local villages

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Last day in Ubud and today was so great. We took an Eco Bike Tour up to Batur Mount Volcano; this place is located in Kintamani District - Bangli Regency. First we had breakfast overlooking the lake and volcano. It was cloudy so we couldn’t see the entire volcano but we were able to see parts of it and we had a good view of the lake. After breakfast we went and saw the Bali Coffee Processing farm. We got to taste some coffee and see how the coffee was made. It’s all natural and they have a very interesting way of making it. All natural!

We then went and got our bikes and helmets. The tour guide gave us a safety talk and told us what we were going to see and do. First we rode down the hill and stopped at rice terraces at Tegallalang Village. We saw a beautiful view of coconut trees and a small river valley. It was so cool.

Then we rode through a couple of villages. The extended families live in what they call a compound. They have a communal kitchen with a mud floor and everyone works to help out all the families. We saw women making thatched roofs, and weaving baskets. They also raise pigs, cows and ducks to eat and sell at the things at the markets. We said hi to the local children and they were very friendly.

It was very different from how we live because they grow their own food and make everything that they use. We really enjoyed meeting them. We also got to hold a local spider which was really scary. The tour guide let it crawl on his face. There were five adults and four children who rode with us. Only two adults from Holland, us and poppy completed the whole ride as the last half of the ride was pretty hard. We recommend this bike tour for anyone who wants to see how many Balinese people live. Off to Legian Beach, Bali tomorrow

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Arrive in Ubud

Bali Bird and Reptile Park, Ubud, Monkey Forest and Wood Carver

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Our driver picked us up from Kuta and he drove us to Ubud but on the way we stopped off at the Bali Bird and Reptile Park for the day. It was a great place with all kinds of birds that come from Bali. There were also birds from other countries as well. We saw some awesome bird shows and the birds swooped over our heads and took food from their trainers in the audience. Some of the birds played dead in our hands. We were able to take pictures of different birds sitting on our shoulders. We also had pictures taken of us feeding birds. We got so close to a flying fox we could of touch it but we didn’t.

After that we went into the Bali Reptile Park where we saw all sorts of different snakes. We were very lucky as we came at the right time of day so most of them were moving around. We saw Komodo Dragons, Crocodiles, Turtles and Monitor Lizards. We were able to hold a big monitor lizard and it was pretty scary but so cool. Then we went to a place where they do lots of paintings. They were all quite beautiful. When we got to our hotel it was evening and we were pretty tired so we ate and then went to bed.

In the morning we looked around our hotel and saw it was very Traditional Balinese' It was set in the rice fields behind the Monkey Forest. At breakfast we saw several monkeys trying to come up to the tables but the waiters used sling shots to scare the monkeys away. Most of the time it worked but they would keep coming back.

We walked into Ubud through the Monkey forest. That was a real exciting experience! The monkeys were everywhere. We had some bananas and they would jump up onto our shoulders, take the bananas and eat them while sitting on our shoulder. We couldn’t believe it. We got lots of pictures of the monkeys sitting on us. We saw mothers with baby monkeys and they looked so cute. We finished walking through the forest and spent the day in Ubud. We went to the local markets where they sell all sorts of things that they make. We batered for some wood carvings and a few other things. It was fun as nanny is very good at barting. Then we decided to have lunch at a coffee shop nanny and poppy like. It is called Que. They make homemade chocolates and pastries that are so good.

It started to pour down rain and we all got drenched. It was pretty terrible as we all felt yucky. Eventually we dried off from the sun and on our way back to the hotel we stopped at this house in the forest where an elderly man was carving statues out of wood. He invited us in and we saw all his wonderful carvings. He said all the men in his family were wood carvers from generation to generation. We bought some of his carvings for a fraction of what the markets were selling them for and we didn't even have to barter for them because they were so cheap. On our way home one of the monkeys attacked Tom and bit him on the leg which upset him quite a bit but luckily the monkey didn’t break the skin on his leg so it was all good. Even though the monkeys can be scary sometime we both can’t wait to go back into the forest and see them all again tomorrow!

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Waterbom Park Bali

Fun! Fun! Fun!

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We had a huge day today! After breakfast our nanny, poppy, auntie Laura and uncle Matt took us to the Waterbom Park in Kuta, Bali. It was an early birthday party for Ethan's 11th birthday which is on March 13th.

We all walked along the beach until we got to the park. We went inside and couldn't believe our eyes it was such a nice place. There was a big pool to swim in, a bungi tramp and about 9 different slides to go on with small pools all around to play in. There was also a lazy river ride where you could float down on rubber tubes. Nanny liked that ride the best but we liked the boomerang, the macaroni and the smashdown slides the best because they were so awesome.

They had really nice food and drinks there and everything was so clean. It looked very tropical and there were heaps of places to sit and relax. We stayed the whole day. At the end of the day we had a look at the photos they took of us and nanny bought 5 of them. Because we had such a great day nanny and poppy said we could go for a second day. So they bought tickets and we are going again towards the end of our stay in Bali when we come back from Ubud, Bali. Can't wait!!

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