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Days 7 & 8 Elephant Experience

Thai Elephants are so much fun!

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We had a quiet day on day seven because we had to rest up for our big trip out of Bangkok the next day to bathe with elephants. We needed to get plenty of sleep for our early morning start at 6:45am. On the morning we were picked up outside our hotel. We got into a nice private air conditioned van that nanny and poppy had hired just for us. It had a driver and a nice lady named Nina who was our tour guide. The tour was Tong Tours and nanny said they had really good reviews by people who took tours with them. The seats in the van laid back and we were able to relax while we took the long drive out of Bangkok.

First we stopped at the Mekong railway market. It was so cool. The people sell their fresh food along the side of the railway tracks and the train goes through the middle 8 times a day. Four times in the morning and four times in the afternoon. While we were there the train came through and all the people that were shopping including us ran to each side of the tracks so we wouldn't get hit. The train came inches away from where we were standing. It was pretty scarey but fun to see.

When we were finished there we went to the floating markets. It was so good as there were heaps of boats everywhere selling all sorts of things and there were markets on each side of the river bank as well. Nanny got us a real coconut with coconut milk. Tom really liked the milk but Ethan didn't like it. Ethan got some mango and sticky rice which is his favourite. We both bought some little guitars that only this man makes at the floating market and we had our picture taken with him. We took the boat out of the market to see where the people live along the river and it was so peaceful and quiet. It was not noisy like Bangkok and we enjoyed how calm it was. We saw beautiful wooden houses on stilts, jack fruit on trees, coconuts in trees and pineapples growing. We also saw squirrels and pretty birds. Nanny bought us each a souvenir plate with our picture on it in the boat.

After that we got into the van and drove to the Bridge over the River Kwai. We walked across it and took photos of us and the river. The tour guide told us the history of the bridge and it was very interesting. Then we headed to the Elephant camp. It took another two hours driving to get there but it was worth it. When we got there we put on our swimmers and went and fed the elephants some bananas to show we were their friends. The tour guide booked us the two best elephants. One was called Copy and the other was called New Moon. New Moon is the only elephant that will pick you up with his trunk. We rode the elephants down to the river bare back with the Mahout and it was very scary especially when the elephants walked down to the river. We played with the elephants and they splashed us and dunked us in the water heaps. We couldn't stop laughing. When we were finished we rode the elephants back on our own and we weren't as scared by then. We had such a great time in the river with the elephants we would recommend it to everyone.

Then our tour guide took us to this nice place for lunch where we had our favourite Tom Yum Gai (Coconut Soup) with rice, spring rolls and vegetables with cashews. We were so full that we didn't have room for desert but Tom got a lime icecream as he still had a little room left. We all got into the van and slept all the way back to Bangkok. For dinner poppy took us to the street markets across the road from our hotel and we got fried chicken, corn on the cob, saugages, rice, sticky rice and mango and it only cost him 350b. That is only about $11A for all of us. Bangkok is so cheap to live nanny and poppy love it!!

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Awesome Golden Palace

5th Day of Thailand Adventure

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We decided to go to the Golden Palace today. Poppy got the directions and we had to take the canal boat from our hotel to National Stadium. We got onto the skyrail and traveled 6 stops to the Cho Phraya River. Then we got onto a big boat and traveled to the Golden Palace. We saw big barges in the river carrying rubbish out to sea and we saw lots of historical buildings on our way up the river. We loved the boat as the wind cooled us off. When we arrived at the pier we got off and walked to the Golden Palace. It was so hot as we were walking around and there were so many people looking at the statues, temples and palace but we enjoyed seeing all the Thai history. We took lots of pictures and bought a book to remember our visit.

When we finished looking around the palace we walked back to the pier and took another boat on the river back to the skyrail. We decided to have dinner at Siam centre. We had tom yum gai, rice and rasberry slushies with icecream. The drinks cooled our mouths off as the soup was very spicy. Then we walked around and decided to go bowling it was lots of fun and we all played really well. It was a nice break from walking in the heat. We looked for a shop that sold cinnamon buns that nanny liked. Nanny was so happy when we found the shop. After that we went to the supermarket and got some water and mango and sticky rice to take back to our hotel. It was an awesome day!

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khao san road Adventure

Walked, Walked, Walked till we dropped

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It's Sunday and we had a late start to the day. After we ate our big buffet breakfast nanny had us do some school work before we left the hotel for the day. We were suppose to take a taxi to the river and go on a boat to the Golden Palace but we all decided to walk there so we could get some exercise and see a bit of the area we are staying in. By the time we arrived at the river we decided we didn't have enough time to see the Golden Palace properly as it closed at 3pm on a Sunday and we thought we could see it another day.

Instead we took a detour to Khao san road. First we went to a beautiful Wat and had a look around. There were so many different gods to see and everything had gold on it. We took off our shoes and went into the temple where people were praying to a huge Golden Buddha. We said a prayer and made an offering to him. It was so cool.

Then we headed to Khao san road for lunch. The street was full of people so we decided to have our lunch on one of the side streets. We found a nice little place where we had a good lunch. Then nanny and poppy took us to a place where we got a Fishy foot spa. We couldn't stop laughing because it tickled so much but when we were done our feet were so soft. After that we walked around and bought some hats for ourselves and our brothers. Then we got some sticky rice and mango to take back to our hotel. We couldn't get over how fast the day flew by. After that we took a taxi home because we were all so tired from walking around.

When we got back to the hotel poppy took us for a long swim in the pool and we all played for awhile. Then we had a nice bath, hopped into bed and watched a DVD while we ate our sticky rice and mango Yum! Yum!

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First 3 days in Bangkok

Flight over, arriving and activities

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15/02/12 We arrived safely and we all enjoyed our premium seats and were so happy we all got upgraded in the end. We could really get use to flying first class as being able to lay back and enjoy the flight is great. Our hotel is nice and spacious and we are all enjoying the two pools and the big buffet breakfast. The first night we arrived we had room service and the boys couldn't get over the large portions of food they gave us.

16/02/12 This morning we ate breakfast and went to the canal next to our hotel and took a boat to the city. We wanted to find our way to the meeting place for our cooking tour the next day. We took the skyrail to the Emporium Suites as that was where we were going to be picked up. Then we headed back to National Stadium and spent the day in MBK shopping for goodies, eating lunch and playing on some arcade games as they were so cheap. When we got back to the hotel the boys went for a swim in the pool with waterfalls. We then ate dinner and watched a DVD movie we bought at MBK.

17/02/12 Yesterday we got up had breakfast early and headed to the city on the boat. We took the skyrail to meet our tour. We went on a cooking tour called Helping Hands cooking with Poo. They picked us up in a mini van and took us to the outskirts of Bangkok to a fresh food market where Thai people shop. The food was so cheap. We saw live frogs, eels, bugs, ants, larve, catfish, chickens, ducks, crabs and salamanders all for sale. Poo told us Thai people eat everything. We were amazed and disgusted at the same time. It was so funny as Ethan describes the smells as "some were bad, some were good and some were just plain weird". We walked down an alley to Poo's cooking school which was in a poor part of Bangkok.

We all cooked soup, Pad Thai noodle and duck. We ate sticky rice with several different types of fruits. Poo told us sticky rice takes about 8 hours to cook so she bought it ready made at the street market. Our lesson finished at 12:30pm and we were all really full and tired. We took the skyrail back to MBK and we decided to have a 1 hour Thai foot massage for 250 baht (AU$7.50) because our legs and feet were weary from walking. Both boys loved taking a break for awhile and said, "the foot massage tickled but it was great." Then the boys played some more arcade games for 10 baht (AU32c) while nanny had a little look around MBK. We picked up some dinner to take back to the hotel so we could get back in time for a swim. We took the boat back and arrived about 6pm. The boys went for a swim in the big pool on the roof with poppy and I took a nice bath and had a drink Ha! Ha! After dinner the boys relaxed in front of another DVD movie. The boys said, "they had an awsome day".

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Getting Ready to Go

Nanny & Poppy's Introduction

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Nanny and Poppy organise all the things we need to take for a safe and wonderful adventure with our grandsons on February 15th 2012.

South East Asia is one of Nanny and Poppy's favourite destinations and this will be the first trip we take with our grandsons Tom and Ethan.
We hope they will enjoy and appreciate Asian culture as much as we do.

We plan to introduce the two boys to Thai culture, Balinese culture and Maylasian culture through visiting historical sights, traditional markets, watching traditional dance, learning to cook, eating traditional food and many other activities.

The boys will share their photos, videos and experiences with family and friends on their Blog. They hope to persuade you that visiting South East Asia is a wonderful place for everyone.

We are excited and look forward to our adventure with our grandsons and believe these experiences will encourage them to travel in the future.

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