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We have had a great start to our holiday in Bali. The next morning it was pouring down rain but that didn't stop us from going to the beach. We headed to Kuta beach and poppy hired some boogie boards for us. We spent 5 hours in the surf. We couldn't believe we stayed in so long. The water was pretty choppy and there was a lot of rubbish in the water much different from Australia but it was so good to see the ocean again. Where we live in Australia we both live near the sea so we missed it. Poppy said, 'that not all the beaches are this dirty and they do try and keep them clean." When we came back to the hotel we showered, ate dinner and then went for another swim in both pools until it was time for bed.

The next day our auntie Laura and uncle Matt arrived and we all went on a day trip. We hired a car and the driver took us to Uluwatu which is a famous surfing beach in Bali. It was beautiful and very clean. We had lunch along the side of the cliff and then walked down to a cave and had a look around. It was so cool. After that we went to Uluwatu Temple where we saw a temple on the side of the cliff and there were some monkeys all around the place. One tried to take nanny's flip flops off her feet. He tried to get each one but she was able to hang on to them. It was so funny!

Towards the end of the day we went to the GWK cultural centre. There were two really big statues inside the complex. One was of a god and the other was the head of a big bird. They were massive. We walked around and looked at everything as we waited for the Balinese dancers to appear. In the theatre the Balinese dancers danced and so did a dragon. There were Balinese men that played instruments while they danced. It all sounded and looked so different to what we know in Australia but it was very good and interesting. We also had our photo taken with them to.

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Bangkok to Bali Beautiful

First two days in Bali

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We had a special dinner our last night in Bangkok. We had all our favourites. Spring rolls,Tom Yum Gai, Pad Thai Noodle Chocolate Roti and Mango and sticky rice in a place just off Khao San Road. We had our last foot massage and stayed up pretty late. We saw heaps of people on Khao San Road we couldn't believe it. All the tourists come out late at night when it is cooler. The next day we had to get up at 2:30am to catch our 6:15 am flight to Bali. Nanny wanted us to sleep on the plane so that is why we stayed up late. We did sleep after we had pancakes for breakfast. When we arrived in Bali a driver from the hotel came and picked us up. It was so hot and humid. Much hotter than Bangkok and it poured down rain in the evening.

We are staying in a 2 bedroom apartment. We really like it cause it has a balcony we can sit out on. We got into our swimmers and we all had a swim in both of the pools here. It felt so good because we were all so hot. Tom, Ethan and Poppy all went down and watched footy in the restaurant. The Dragons were playing the Knights. Nanny laid down because she has a bad cold she caught off Poppy.

The next day we got up early and had breakfast and walked into Kuta. We walked along the beach and there were people with surfboards and boogie boards for hire. There were ladies selling jewelry, sarongs and giving massages on the beach. The surf was pretty flat but Poppy told us we could go on a boogie board tomorrow.

Nanny told us the Balinese people put offerings of flowers, rice, incense, and sometime money in a little box made of bamboo in front of their houses and shops every morning. It is suppose to keep away any evil spirits. We also saw some temples on our way into Kuta. Most of the Balinese people our Hindu and they have lots of different gods they pray to. They are very religious like the Thai people but they are Hindu and Thai people are Buddhist.

We spent the day looking around the town. It is very much like Bangkok with the street markets but it is very touristy. Ethan said it reminds him of some of the holiday places in NSW. We had dinner and did some grocery shopping before we headed back to the hotel as we were all still pretty tired from the trip. Auntie Laura and Uncle Matt arrive tomorrow can't wait to see them. We haven't tried any Indonesian food yet maybe tomorrow.

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Sad Goodbyes

Last Three Days in Bangkok

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Over the last 3 days in Bangkok we have been taking in the surrounds of the city. There are so many differences and things to compare. This is a big modern city but it is surrounded by old buildings, parks, market places, Buddhist temples for worshiping and people living in shacks along the canal. Bangkok is full of diversity.

The people work hard but they seem to enjoy life especially in the evening and they always have a smile for us. There are all sorts of smells and sometimes things look very dirty and you can’t drink the local water but somehow we still find Bangkok fun and exciting. We are sad to leave it and wish we could stay longer.

Ethan says he wishes he was a local and not a tourist so he would fit in better. We have enjoyed eating food from the street as it is so tasty. Thai people make the best fried chicken and we will miss the Tom Yum Gai and our favourite desert Mango and Sticky Rice. We will make it for our family when we get home because we know how. Thanks to Poo’s Cooking Class.

We now know that the Thai people pray to Buddha and make offerings of food and money for good health, good fortune and for their families because they have a hard life. We also know we are lucky to live in Australia where we can drink the water, live in a nice house and have an easy life. We wish the Thai people well and hope to come back again as they are such cool people. We recommend this city to everyone young and old. Tomorrow we fly to Bali.

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Khao San Road in the evening

Eating dinner and having a massage to end our day

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Today is our 10th day in Bangkok we only have 4 more days before we leave and go to Bali for two weeks. The time has gone by so fast but we have loved every minute of it. We did school work today and nanny was very happy with us as we are getting some of our assignments finished.
When we finished working she told us we were going back to Khao San Road so we could see it at night.

It looked so different and there were many many more people walking around. There were pretty lights in the trees and it looked very festive. People were eating everywhere in lots of restaurants. Nanny wanted us to try the Roti Pancakes because she said they were really yummy and she was right. You could have all kinds of them. Pancake with banana and chocolate, banana and nutella, banana,egg and chocolate, banana and syrup and many more types that we can't remember. Tom had a banana and nutella and Ethan and Nanny had a banana and chocolate roti. Tom and Ethan eat half and then traded their roti's so they could see how each others tasted. Both Tom and Ethan liked the chocolate roti better as the nutella was just to thick.

After that we went and had a one hour foot massage on the street. We were able to watch all the people walking by. It was fun having a massage on the street instead of being in the shop. It was neat seeing all the people and the massage felt so good. Our feet were so soft when we finished and our muscles felt so relaxed. Then we went for dinner at the place we went to before and had Tom Khai Kai (coconut soup) with rice because they made it so good and gave us a big bowl of it. It has lots of nice flavours and it is our favourite Thai food.

At the end we walked to the road and took a taxi back home. Khao San Road is good place to visit during the day or night but we think at night it becomes more exciting.

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9th day visiting Jim Thompson's House

On the canal down from out hotel Bangkok

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It was so hot today as least 35 degrees celius so we were not to happy. We decided to leave our hotel after lunch and take a canal boat to Jim Thompson's House. He is a famous American who encouraged village Thai people to make their traditional Thai silk for people. He started the Thai Silk Company and sold all their beautiful silk around the world. We saw the traditinal Thai house he built in the city and all the things he collected over the years. We were told he went on a holiday to Maylasia where he mysteriously disappeared after going into the jungle he was 61 years old. He left his house and all it's belonging to the people of Thailand as he had no family and the Thai people made it into a museum and art gallery. It also has a nice restaurant where we had a nice cold fruit drink and beautiful gardens as well.

After we did that poppy hired a tuk tuk driver to take us to Central World to cool off. Nanny told the tuk tuk driver we didn't want to go to jewelry shops or tailor shops so she negociated a price and he took us straight to where we wanted to go. We loved riding in the tuk tuk. There was so much traffic! We asked poppy if we could go on one again and he said yes! When we arrived at Central World it was so nice to be in airconditioning. There were bands playing and lots of people having fun. The best thing about Bangkok is how lively and exciting it is. All the people around makes it exciting. Poppy took us to watch taffy being pulled and we bought some different flavoured taffy it was so yummy. Then we went on a 3D ride and it was pretty scary. Nanny went with us as poppy said he would get sick if he went on it.

We told nanny we felt like pizza so we went to this great Pizza place called Pizza Company. They have the best pizzas nanny liked the italian sausage. After that we took the boat home. We walked by a couple of gods where people were leaving offerings. They had animal figurines placed all around the statues but we don't know why. After that we caught the canal boat home and then went for long swim. It was still 32 degrees celius at 7pm.

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